Scotts valley vineyard stance and response to current health and safety concerns

We aspire to be a loving church that glorifies God and competently serves our community in love.

Our community is currently facing a valid health concern with the potential to cause various levels of
illness, in some cases even death. This fosters feelings of fear, and can create anxiety in public settings. Fear and anxiety often drive us to unhealthy and destructive behavior, both personally and relationally. In addition, as a community that does not often face this type of existential question, we may be tempted to lean toward one extreme or the other. Toward panicked isolation and paranoia or toward careless indifference.

As part of a larger faith community with 2000 years of experience following Jesus, and living within all of the physical, political, spiritual, emotional, and existential crisis events that have come along, we have a rich history of experience and empathy to guide us. There is nothing new under the sun, this too shall pass, and when it ends, as it will, we will be left facing the people we became. So let's do this well!

Fear drives us into isolation, Jesus draws us into intimacy. Our phones will remain on and we will
continue to check our email, so please reach out for support and connection. All events and gatherings, in accordance with national and community guidelines, are postponed for the next two weeks. We will take added precautions, and adjust the way we do life during this time, but we are not canceling life. Please let us know if you need assistance or just want to connect, we are still a community and we want to love each other well.

Let’s take this moment of fear, and turn it into a new opportunity to love well, to be different from the
culture we live in, and to be compassionate representatives of Jesus. Please pray for those affected by the illness, by the financial and social costs, and by fear. Perfect love drives out fear, lets operate with Jesus as our center!

We are promised challenges and adversity in this life, so these current events are no surprise, but we are also promised the Spirit of God and a peace that surpasses understanding. It is on this second note that we want to choose fearless and faithful obedience to God, without letting go of humility so that we do not cross into foolishness. When the world was at its worst, Jesus was at his best, let's follow his example!




Emmet Blue, Pastor of Scotts Valley Vineyard
March 17th, 2020


precautionary measures

- Until further notice, out of respect to community and national guidelines, all of our social gatherings are suspended until April 7th. (For now)

- We will continue to check emails and phone messages and assist the community as best we can, so please stay connected.

- We will be putting video content and updates on our website, so please check over the next days and weeks

- AND, we will continue to adjust and adapt as information and circumstances develop



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Scotts Valley, CA 95066

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