Scotts valley vineyard stance and response to current health and safety concerns

In March I wrote, “We aspire to be a loving church that glorifies God and competently serves our community in love.” I am grateful to say, this is still true today.


The last 3 ½ months tested us individually and as a community. These tests have touched our health, finances, relationships, emotions, and spirituality. I think many of our New Year's Resolutions would have been different had we known what we were in line for.


The most obvious challenge has come through social distancing, the lack of face-to-face interaction, and the isolation that followed. As a church, this “separation” was something we never thought we would face. Even now, we are in the heat of global health concerns and social upheaval that is unfamiliar to most of us. Fortunately, our strength and our hope is not in our circumstances, but in our Father in Heaven, who is familiar with all that we have, can, and will face.


“Let’s take this moment of fear, and turn it into a new opportunity to love well, to be different from the culture we live in, and to be compassionate representatives of Jesus. Please pray for those affected by the illness, by the financial and social costs, and by fear. Perfect love drives out fear, let's operate with Jesus as our center!” Again, I stand by these words and I am glad our community has walked them out in many different ways. I pray we continue to do so.


The challenges are not over, but the seasons are changing. Scotts Valley Vineyard will once again meet together on Sunday mornings. The when, where, and how has changed, but our hearts and the God we serve remains the same. 


  • Old time, 10 am

  • New place, outside behind the church

  • New guidelines:

    • Please wear face masks whenever possible (this is out of respect for others and to honor the health department guidelines)

    • Please refrain from physical contact and maintain personal space during the service (For those with underlying health concerns, it can be uncomfortable saying “yes” and uncomfortable saying “no” when asked “are you hugging?”)

    • To simplify sanitization of the premises, if convenient, feel free to bring your own lawn chair.

    • Children of all ages are welcome. Starting later in July, we plan to have crafts and other resources to help children of all ages engage during the service and have a supervised space prepared.

    • Other resources: the restroom in the office will be available, hand sanitizer is on hand, and chairs will be provided for those who need

    • Coffee and donuts will not be served at this time due to guidelines, but you are welcome to bring your own!


The service itself will adapt to the new environment as we look and listen to what God is doing and calling us into. This is our heart, to look and listen… then to respond together. I invite you to join us, to spread the word, to invite others, and to lean in to what God desires.


I am excited for this next season in our church and in our lives together!


God bless and much love,


Emmet Blue, Pastor of Scotts Valley Vineyard

June 24th, 2020



Emmet Blue, Pastor of Scotts Valley Vineyard
March 17th, 2020


precautionary measures

- Until further notice, we are meeting outside 

- We will continue to check emails and phone messages and assist the community as best we can, so please stay connected

- We will continue to post video content and updates on our website

- We will continue to adjust and adapt as information and circumstances develop